Light On Painting

La Cambre / KIK-IRPA study days, Brussels, November 18 & 19, 2020

Note: most lectures will be in English (60%), others in French

General presentation

The aim of La Cambre / KIK-IRPA 2020 study days on the topic of light is to present the professional practices of internationally recognized specialists from diverse backgrounds. A panel composed of artists, conservators, curators, art historians, scientists and designers will present their most recent works. Ten years after the advent of LED lighting technology, these study days will offer a contemporary perspective, sharp and critical, on contemporary practices and theories of light and color.

These practices – artistic, architectural, museum and scientific – are today exploring in an innovative way the uses and characteristics of light. Architecture studios are implementing LED lighting in new buildings, museums are rethinking the question of lighting, and artists are creating works of art using new light technologies. In the context of this technological change, museum norms and practices of the twentieth century are to be questioned, while the analysis of light and its effects on colors has once again become a major scientific subject.

The latest in light technology to have passed the milestone of industrial production, LED technology is praised for its low energy consumption. It is also often criticized for its poor light quality. It is now clear that this technology is poorly known by both the general public and creative professionals and museums, who are nevertheless the first concerned by this technological revolution. Without pretending to be exhaustive, the La Cambre / KIK-IRPA 2020 study days aim to inform the professional public and the art students by presenting the landscape of contemporary research on light and color in a critical perspective.


The first day addresses light and colour in contemporary visual arts and in scientific research, in search of building bridges between these disciplines. The second day deals with the preventive conservation and restoration of works of art, in connection with design and architecture.


Biography of the speakers
The programme for November 18 & 19

The abstracts

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